Quality price of stainless steel pipe

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Quality price of stainless steel pipe

2020-06-19 H:34:54

In our daily life, we often hear the sentence "one price, one price". This sentence has been circulated for a long time. Naturally, there are some reasons! Nowadays, people's awareness of product quality is constantly improving, the quality requirements of stainless steel pipe are more more strict. More more stainless steel pipe is sought after by the market, but with the improvement of quality, the price will also rise.

Stainless steel tube as decorative material. It is obviously unreasonable to sell materials at a low price. Therefore, stainless steel pipe manufacturers will divide materials by a, B C to set reasonable prices! Market is fair, quality is always proportional to price! For example: you bought a set of 201 stainless steel tube car decoration for 200 yuan. Can this car decoration be compared with 304 sets of car decoration for 300 yuan? Obviously ! The fierce competition in the market makes the profit margin of the manufacturer smaller smaller. The manufacturer tries hard the service quality other aspects, such as after-sales service, in order to obtain more profits. competitive power!

Whether the stainless steel pipe is directly proportional to the price, we can analyze it several aspects: the first is the material problem. The raw materials of stainless steel pipes are imported large state-owned steel plants, while ordinary ones may be imported small steel plants. Yes, there will be a big price difference. Then look at the surface effect. The surface of stainless steel pipe is divided into 8K, 10K, 12K other different bright surface grades. Each surface effect is smooth, no frosting, no trachoma, no scratch, smooth surface mirror. It's no different. It's a better product.

Corrosion resistance life are also one aspect. Stainless steel pipe is more corrosion resistant than ordinary stainless steel, can withstand high temperature, low temperature air oxidation, can last for decades! Without cost support, it cannot be separated.