Raw material color identification of stainless steel tube?

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Raw material color identification of stainless steel tube?

2020-06-22 H:47:51

 At present, the stainless steel tube selected in the work unit is hollow. The tubes are very long come in various sizes sizes. It can also be customized according to the actual requirements of users. At present, this kind of pipe has been widely used in petrochemical industry. It is installed used in the field, the application of materials can also be seen in the field of food processing. Therefore, in recent years, the demand for this kind of pipe is very large, the manufacturers of production materials are also increasing. Many users would like to know something about the manufacturing method of this material. What kind of raw material is the tube made of?

The installation use of stainless steel pipe is mainly due to its simple structure, high hardness corrosion resistance. In order to achieve the purpose of this application, in the process of manufacturing pipes, appropriate raw materials should be added. For example, carbon is a stainless steel tube. It is important to add carbon to the pipe to increase the hardness strength of the material. When the carbon content reaches the standard, it is easy to deform when using the pipe.

Manganese is also an important part of stainless steel pipe. Therefore, in the process of pipeline installation use, the quality of materials will be affected by excessive wear, so the proportion of manganese added in the process of processing is also very high. In fact, basic elements, such as nickel aluminum, need to be added in the process of manufacturing the tube. These basic elements have a very important impact on pipeline quality.

In addition, the proportion of various elements in the stainless steel pipe should meet the requirements. If there are too many insufficient elements in the materials of stainless steel seamless steel pipe plant, the overall quality of the pipe will be directly affected.

When purchasing stainless steel pipe, the user should choose the product with good quality, so as to ensure the beauty of stainless steel pipe in the use process prolong the service life. There is a great demand for stainless steel tubes now, so many manufacturers are making stainless steel tubes. In order to meet the application needs of users, when people buy stainless steel pipes, the appearance of most pipes is different. Therefore, in order to ensure that the quality of the stainless steel pipe purchased conforms to the standard, it should be purchased by professionals. Observe the color of the stainless steel tube for identification.

So how to identify when purchasing stainless steel pipe? Many of the stainless steel tubes usually installed are silver white. Such tubes have metallic luster whiteness, usually allow the stainless steel 304 stainless steel tubes to pass through. The color of pickling tubes some stainless steel tubes is similar to jade. Due to the choice of nickel metal, the tube has this color characteristic. Some stainless steel tubes have poor luster, which are caused by different raw materials added. Therefore, users should pay attention to these problems when purchasing stainless steel tubes.

When purchasing stainless steel pipe, it can also be identified by copper sulfate. You can drop a drop of water on the stainless steel pipe wipe it with copper sulfate. When wiping the surface of the stainless steel pipe, if the color of the pipe does change, this time it is proved that the pipe is made of stainless steel. If the surface of the stainless steel pipe is found to be purplish red after wiping. There may be other impurities in the production process.