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Expert level technical support personnel, provide professional pipeline system solutions! Puretube is focused on the application of stainless steel pipe in high-tech field. The products are divided into industrial applications by different technical levels. 

To solve the application in the field, our technical personnel can provide professional consultation  customized solutions. Consider the cost of customers  avoid the cost waste caused by "excess quality". 

In addition to routine test items, we can provide optional test types  complete test reports according to customer requirements. - hardness test (HRB) - water pressure test - microscopic image recording - spectrochemical composition test - corrosion test - eddy current flaw detection - mechanical properties  other testing items, we can entrust professional testing institutions to carry out, such as explosion test, resonance test, life / fatigue test, etc. Some of the outsourcing test items need related expenses,  all test items are provided with complete test reports.

Our engineering consultants are familiar with product specifications  can help you choose the optimal piping system, application  test solution, no matter  you are in the world! Innovative products, expert advice, service, continuous customer expectations, no matter  you are! Anywhere in the world!