Properties characteristics of 304 stainless steel pipe?

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Properties characteristics of 304 stainless steel pipe?

2020-06-22 H:54:15

 304 is a kind of multi-purpose stainless steel, which is widely used in manufacturing equipment parts which need good comprehensive performance (corrosion resistance formability). 304 stainless steel pipe is stainless steel grade produced according to ASTM standard. 304 is equivalent to China's 0Cr19Ni9 (0Cr18Ni9) stainless steel, 304 contains 19% chromium 9% nickel, 304 is widely used in stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, practical steel, Huaye steel, used in food production equipment, general chemical equipment, nuclear energy so on.

High alloy steel resistant to air chemical corrosion. In order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the steel should contain more than 12% chromium. Chemical composition of 304 stainless steel: Specification csimnpscrni (nickel) mosus304 ≤ 0.08 ≤ 1.00 ≤ 2.00 ≤ 0.05 ≤ 0.0318.00-20.008.25 ~ 10.50.

The products meet the national standards (seamless stainless steel tubes for fluid transportation), stainless steel tubes (seamless stainless steel tubes for structures), (stainless steel seamless tubes for boilers heat exchangers), welded stainless steel tubes for decoration. All stainless steel welded pipes for architectural decoration have been strictly tested meet the technical requirements of national standards. The material is 321 / 1cr18ni9ti304 / 0cr18ni9310s / 0cr25ni20316l / 00cr17ni14mo2301304l.

All stainless steel tubes are made of imported first-class stainless steel plates. They are characterized by no sand hole, no sand hole, no black spot, no crack, smooth weld, bending, cutting, superior welding performance high nickel content.

Manufacturing process.

Hot rolled (extruded seamless steel pipe)

Tube blank → heating → piercing → three roll cross rolling, continuous rolling extrusion → tube taking → sizing ( reducing diameter) → cooling → blank → straightening → hydraulic test ( flaw detection) → marking → storage cold drawing (rolling) seamless steel pipe: round tube blank → heating → piercing → pumping → annealing → pickling → oiling (copper plating) → multi pass cold drawing (cold rolling of stainless steel seamless steel pipe) → blank tube → heat treatment → straightening → hydraulic test (defect detection) → marking → storage.

Properties of 304 stainless steel pipe.

Tensile strength (MPA) 620 min.

The yield strength (MPA) is 310min.

The elongation (%) is 30min.

Area reduction (%) 40 minutes.

The density of 304 stainless steel tube is 7.93g/cm3. This value is usually used for austenitic stainless steels. The chromium content of 304 is 18-20.304, which is equivalent to 0Cr19Ni9 (0Cr18Ni9) stainless steel in China. 304 stainless steel is a general stainless steel material. The antirust property is better than 200 series stainless steel, the high temperature resistance is also better.

It can be as high as 1000-1200 degrees. 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance good intergranular corrosion resistance. The experimental results show that the concentration of nitric acid in 304 stainless steel is less than equal to 65% of boiling temperature, which has strong corrosion resistance, alkali solution most organic acids.

No 304 stainless steel pipe machine, acid alkali resistance also has good corrosion resistance.

304 stainless steel bar: hexagonal stainless steel bar, square stainless steel bar, polished stainless steel bar, stainless steel abrasive bar, stainless steel bright bar, imported stainless steel bar, domestic stainless steel bar, stainless steel easy stick stick, sus303 bar, sus416 bar. Our products have very good cutting performance drilling performance, accurate stable size, good finish. It is easy to cut can process all kinds of high precision parts. The company's 304 stainless steel bar specifications complete, price concessions.

304 stainless steel pipe (18Cr-8Ni) material: as a widely used steel, it has good corrosion resistance / heat resistance, low temperature strength mechanical properties, good stamping / bending other hot working properties, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon (non-magnetic It is easy to use at - 196 ℃ ~ 800 ℃), uses: household products (Class 1 / 2 tableware / cabinet / indoor pipe / water heater / boiler / bathtub), automobile accessories (wiper / muffler / molding products), medical appliances, building materials, chemical industry, food industry, agriculture, ship parts.