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Excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service!

Puretube's after-sales service team covers technical R & D, quality assurance, production management, sales other departments, so as to meet customers' problems on product quality, technology technology. In order to meet the needs of core customers, we will arrange special personnel to provide on-site one-to-one service, timely handle the problems existing in the client, provide services to a large extent, protect the interests of customers.

In order review stage, all requirements of customers should be clarified samples should be provided for confirmation. If non conformity is found after sales, we will take corrective measures unconditionally less time, bear any losses caused.



Welcome to inquire about business information about price delivery time. Our sales staff technical support staff will reply within 24 hours. We will cooperate with you in response to the urgent needs of customers.

Clean straight pipe packing, high purity nitrogen purging, plastic pipe plug cap at both ends of single pipe, bagging for each piece, plastic sealing at both ends, plastic winding for plastic wrapping, PVC pipe for less than 200kg, all solid wooden boxes for shipment.

 Delivery date
Maitopray is equipped with various specifications of expected inventory for a long time to meet the urgent needs of customers deliver within 3 working days; generally, the initial order quantity is 100kg 1000m, the normal delivery time is 30 days.

If you need us to provide samples, brochures any product business inquiries, please feel free to contact us, we will make a timely reply in a short time. Puretube will serve as your reliable partner.

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