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ZHEJIANG PURETUBE TUBING CO.,LTD is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China's stainless steel pipe industry base. It is a small diameter seamless clean pipe manufacturer focusing on application. It mainly provides pharmaceutical grade BA / EP pipe, electronic  semiconductor grade Ba pipe for high clean / clean pipe system. The main materials are stainless steel, dual phase steel  nickel base alloy. The specifications are OD 3.175-42mm, wt 0.5-3.0mm,  inner wall roughness Ra < 0.375 μ M. the standard ASTM A213 / A269 / 270  equivalent DIN, en  JIS standards are implemented. We adopt the current more advanced oil drawing technology, good production equipment, mature process route  advanced management mode,  are committed to producing products that meet the strict requirements of customers,  provide technical services  solutions expected by customers.

Puretube HP / UHP Ba + cleaning pipe is mainly used in pure gas  liquid pipeline system with high cleaning requirements to ensure high purity  stability of transmission medium.

Applications include semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, food  beverage, fine chemical industry  automobile industry.

Pry pipe industry is committed to providing clean pipe solutions, focusing on R & D  innovation, striving to become a stainless steel clean pipe application provider.

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Puretube PRI management pays attention to the common growth of employees the company, continuously improves management, continuously improves. Building cohesion is the core concept of the enterprise, so that each employee can find a sense of belonging realize self-worth.

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Based on the industry-leading technology, innovative products services, puretube HP / UHP Ba + clean pipe will continue to meet customer requirements exceed customer expectations.

application area

Puretube HP / UHP Ba + stainless steel tubes are mainly used in high-end industries such as semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, food beverage, laboratory gas automobile manufacturing.

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Understand the development history industry update of puretube, grasp the development trend of stainless steel pipe industry in high-end application.