What is 304 thin wall stainless steel water pipe?

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What is 304 thin wall stainless steel water pipe?

2020-06-19 H:43:10


304L thin wall stainless steel water pipe is made of 304L stainless steel plate. The authenticity of water pipes is strictly pressure tested to ensure the quality of water pipes the health of customers' drinking water.

304L stainless steel water pipe service facilities have common stainless steel pipes provide various interface standards. There are double clamping stainless steel pipe, socket welding stainless steel pipe, pipe groove stainless steel pipe, waterproof moisture-proof fast loading stainless steel pipe waiting for each batch of goods, fully considering many different requirements of different machinery manufacturing industries.

Thin wall stainless steel water pipe is very easy to maintain. The facility is double clamping pressure stainless steel pipe, which has many specifications models.

To the series of pipe products including: double clamping straight straight straight, double clamping different diameter straight, double clamping external teeth straight, double clamping internal teeth straight double clamping moving internal teeth straight through - through;

The pipeline products of Elbow series products include: double clip 45 ° equal diameter elbow, double clip 45 ° B-type elbow, double clip 90 ° equal diameter elbow, double clamp 90 ° B-type elbow, double clamping reducing elbow, double clamping external tooth elbow, double clamping internal tooth elbow, double clamping internal tooth short elbow;

Three way pipe fittings four-way pipe products include: double clamping equal diameter tee, double clamping reducing tee, double clamping inner tooth tee, double clamping external tooth tee, double clamping equal diameter cross, double clamping decompression cross;

The pipeline of other series products includes: double clip pipe cover, flat pipe bridge, water pipe support, hexagon external tooth;

Thin wall stainless steel pipe has many application fields, has been used in water supply drainage engineering for a long time, such as home decoration, construction site maintenance, clothing, food, housing, transportation, heating pipe, cleaning, farmland irrigation, fire control water supply. Fire fighting other processing manufacturing industries. The widely used areas include outpatient clinics of hospitals, universities colleges, sports venues, residences, shopping malls office buildings.

What are the advantages of thin-walled stainless steel pipe compared with ordinary plastic pipe?

1. The service life is more than 70 years, free maintenance upgrading, comprehensive application of direct cost, more economic social development.

2. The utilization rate of raw materials of the goods is 100%, which is in line with the actual ecological civilization construction regulations.

3. The product model is DN 15-dn300 series products. There are thousands of them, all of which have been mass produced.

4. Abnormal raw materials, specifications models can also be customized. The production processing chain of machinery manufacturing industry is mature.