Mirror stainless steel tube polishing method!

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Mirror stainless steel tube polishing method!

2020-06-18 H:54:41

A new type of precision polishing technology, flexible sharp surface precision polishing method, was found through a large number of precision polishing experiments on stainless steel tubes. The results of the test surface are analyzed the basis for the design manufacture of special equipment is provided.

Stainless steel pipe with diameter less than 150 mm accounts for a large proportion, but its outer surface needs to be processed into mirror surface. According to our investigation test, only the ultra precision precision polishing of the machined surface of stainless steel pipe (MPSSP) which meets this requirement has been successfully reported. in China. MPSSP has no successful precedent. There is no report abroad. Since 1994, at the request of the factory, we have done a lot of research testing on MPSSP, found a more ideal MPSSP processing technology plan.

1. Design of test plan

(1) Test device

The stainless steel tube 6 is sandwiched between two universal quick couplings 8 is driven by an electric motor through the gearbox 3. The flexible precision thrower 4 covers nearly half of the stainless steel circumference, vibrates axially at a low frequency of F = 30 times / min. fine polishing fluid is injected into the filling port 9. We can choose 8K stainless steel pipe (diameter between 30 to 100 mm, length of stainless steel pipe between 400-3000mm), according to different diameter length. It has been proved that the quality of the sample processed by the device can meet exceed the market requirements.

(2) Precision polishing mould device

A fine polishing block made of fine felt is mounted on a flexible pressure flat belt. One end of the flat belt is fixed on the machine tool, the other end is wrapped around the stainless steel pipe so that the felt cushion block faces the steel pipe is wound around almost half of the circumference of the steel pipe. Then, the tension P is applied to make the fine polished felt tightly wrap the surface of the stainless steel pipe. The fine polishing liquid injected the liquid adding port is directly poured between the stainless steel pipe the fine polishing block, then recycled by the recycling tank.

(3) Fine polishing fluid

In fine polishing, whether to add fine polishing fluid what kind of fine polishing fluid is the key to success.

2. Precision polishing mechanism track

(1) Preliminary analysis of fine polishing mechanism

Precision polishing is a new type of finishing technology. It combines the advantages of grinding polishing in finish machining, constantly innovates develops.

The mechanism of precision polishing is more complicated

First of all, it has the mechanism of grinding grinding. That is to say, under the pressure of felt fiber bundle, the very fine abrasive particles in the polishing fluid can remove a very thin layer on the surface of stainless steel pipe like a blade at the edge corner. Considering the abrasive particles, the cutting process can be divided into three stages: sliding, scribing cutting.

(2) The tiny protuberances on the surface of the stainless steel tube can be "pulled out" by the fiber bundles at a relative velocity. Due to the flexibility of the fiber bundle, the uneven stainless steel tube can be used to "Polish" the face through "contour".

(3) The heat generated during fine polishing causes a thin layer of metal to flow plastically on the surface, causing the raised felt to "flip" to fill the groove.

(4) Chemical interaction between polishing fluid polished surface. It has been proved that the dissolution rate of micro protrusions on the surface of stainless steel in chemical polishing solutions is much higher than that of micro depressions, which is difficult to understand. The result is a smooth bright surface.

In short, the fine polishing mechanism has many physical chemical factors. The whole fine polishing process is only a single factor, but also the result of its comprehensive effect. It can be considered as follows: the initial stage is mainly "grinding" mechanism, followed by a stage, "throwing" is the main part, the chemical action is always in the process of fine throwing.