What are the advantages of stainless steel bright tube?

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What are the advantages of stainless steel bright tube?

2020-06-18 H:33:00

 Characteristics of stainless steel bright tube

1. Good corrosion resistance: in the process of bright annealing, a thin protective film is formed on the surface of bright stainless steel pipe. Although the protective film is about 3 × 10-6 mm, even if it is damaged, it is very strong tough. As long as there is oxygen nearby, it can immediately prevent rust. Therefore, as long as you know the characteristics of stainless steel bright tube use it correctly, you hardly have to worry about rusting in corrosive conditions, such as water pipes hot water at 100 ℃. There is no need to worry about the phenomenon of small inner diameter increased resistance caused by the common "rusty protuberance" in galvanized steel pipe, the non blocking water flow can be obtained.

2. Sanitary reliable, no need to worry about red water green water.

3. Due to the light weight, easy operation construction of stainless steel bright tube, the cost is greatly reduced. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance excellent mechanical properties, stainless steel bright pipe only needs about one third of the thickness of galvanized steel pipe. Therefore, the weight of the pipe is reduced, the cost is also reduced, which makes the treatment easier the installation more convenient.

mechanical polishing

1. Internal surface polishing (using internal polishing machine): use the polishing rod to extend into the pipe to drive the impeller self-made abrasive belt wheel to rotate at high speed, polish itself with the rotation of steel pipe, slowly push the throwing rod when rotating. Generally speaking, first use 60-80 impeller grinding wheel for rough polishing, then gradually carry out high-precision fine polishing according to the requirements of smoothness. The impeller is usually used for large pipes of 6 " above, the self-made abrasive belt wheel can be used for small pipes, which can reduce the cost. If you think the brightness of mechanical polishing is enough, you can use polishing paste for fine polishing. Electrolytic polishing is to use the workpiece as anode insoluble metal as cathode, immerse the two poles into the electrolytic cell at the same time, apply direct current to produce selective anode. Dissolve, so as to increase the brightness of the workpiece surface.